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Question by Guest
December 18, 2015

I know this is going to be a long shot but I have always heavily relied on the Strategic Commander for playing FPS. I have always been able to get it to work using the original drivers with a work-around on Windows 7 & 8 but these don't work anymore on Windows 10. I tried Strategic Engine and I was able to change the button settings, but nothing happens when I'm in-game. I still have to use my keyboard (which is painful since I have arthritis). Does anyone know how to get it to work, short of getting an old used Windows XP machine to game on?

Answer by Sean Hill

I have checked, but there is no info on the availability of Windows 10 drivers. You can try a little trick to install the drivers in Windows 10. By default, Windows will refuse to install due to Driver Enforcement. Disable that using Start > Settings > Update and Recovery > Recovery > Advanced > Restart. After that, choose Troubleshoot > Startup > Restart. Choose option 7. Let it boot and install the drivers and the software. Accept the warning and reboot the PC again. Windows will warn you that you're installing unsigned drivers, but if you know they work, continue with the installation.

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